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Your one-stop source for speciality sourdough starters

There is nothing quite like baking your own bread, and if you bake your own bread, there is nothing like baking sourdough bread! Whilst it isn't difficult to make your own starter it is time consuming and it does take a while for the starter to stabilise. To assist you, we have developed a range of dehydrated sourdough starters for all occasions. You can choose from wheat, spelt and gluten-free starters. Each packet contains enough dried sourdough starter to establish an active sourdough culture which just needs feeding on a regular basis. Or, if you don't want to look after a starter and you prefer, you can use it all to make one loaf of bread.

Each of our starters is supplied in a dried form which you just need to rehydrate by adding water and then activate by feeding with flour and water. Full instructions are provided with each packet.