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Stollen & Panettone


The one with the marzipan in the middle. Although traditionally eaten at Christmas, this cake can be enjoyed at any time of year!

{Ingredients:}400 g raisins
50 g candied citrus peel
125 g flaked almonds
125 ml rum

500 g strong white wheat flour
250 g active sourdough starter
75 g sugar
125 g full fat milk (warmed and then cooled again to blood temperature)
112 g butter at room temperature
1 tsp salt
grated peel of one lemon
125 g marzipan rolled flat

1 teaspoons of vanilla sugar
60 g melted butter
icing sugar for dusting

{Method}Soak the fruit and nuts in the rum overnight.
Refresh your sourdough starter so that you have 250 g ready for the stollen. The evening before you want to make the stollen you should take the refreshed starter and add 125 ml of warm milk, 250 g flour and 1/2 tablespoon of sugar. Cover it and leave overnight.

On the morning you plan to bake the stollen add 250 g flour, 75 g sugar, 112 g butter, 1 tsp salt, grated lemon zest to the active flour/starter mix and knead for a 10 to 15 minutes. If the dough is too loose add some flour; if it is too stiff add more butter until the dough resembles a brioche dough.


Let the dough rest in the bowl for 1 hour and then gradually fold in the soaked fruit. Put the dough back in a bowl, cover, and let rest for 2 hours. Remove the dough and press flat and then fold one side into the middle and the other side over the top. Now roll the marzipan out and lay in the middle of the dough and fold the dough around the marzipan - wrapping it up completely and sealing it in by pinching the edges together. Place the loaf in a banetton, cover and let it rest for two hours.


Preheat the oven to 250 C. Remove the stollen from the banetton and place it in the oven, turn the heat down to 180 C and bake for 50 minutes. Check that the stolen is cooked through by inserting a skewer and making sure it comes out dry. When done, remove from the oven and brush with 35 g of melted butter, sprinkle with vanilla sugar and dust with icing sugar. Allow to cool completely and then dribble the remaining melted butter on them and then dust with more icing sugar.


This is one of our favourites, a bit fiddly perhaps, but well worth the effort!

{Ingredients:}175g active sourdough starter (1:1)
75 ml milk
2 medium eggs
5g osmotolerant yeast
375g type strong white flour
85g caster sugar
130g candied mixed peel
120g butter at room temperature and cut into 1cm cubes
25g pearl sugar

{Method}Add the sourdough starter, milk eggs, flour, yeast and caster sugar into a mixing bowl of a stand mixer. Using the dough hook, mix on to the highest setting for at least 15 minutes, after 10 minutes drop in the cubed butter and continue mixing. Mix for a further 5 to 10 minutes until the butter is evenly dispersed and the dough becomes silky and elastic and it sticks together. Add the mixed peel and mix for another minute.


Place the dough into a panettone case on a baking tray and allow to prove until the dough has doubled in size, around 3 hours in a warm kitchen.


About 30 minutes before the dough finishes proving, preheat your oven to 175°C. When the dough is proved, sprinkle the pearl sugar over the top, before transferring the panettone on its baking tray into the preheated oven. Cook for 40 to 45 minutes. Check progress by inserting a skewer; if it comes out with dough still sticking to it leave the panettone in for a bit longer.